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Essential Micro-Digestant™ Drain/Grease Trap Maintainer-G
Micro-Digestant™ 365FS is a drain and greaser trap maintainer. It contains four strains of enzyme producing bacteria that degrade and digest waste found in drains, grease traps, septic systems and sewage treatment facilities. Aids in the digestion and breakdown of fat, grease, protein, carbohydrates, starches and other organic waste - without the use of harsh chemicals. Built in odor eliminators keep drains and grease traps odor-free. Designed for maintenance of drains and grease traps in food service and restroom areas. USDA C1 approved. NSF C1 listed.
Biod Odor Dgst 1qt 12
Manufacturer #BGD505
Enzym-d Lemon 12/32o
12 Bottles per Case. 32-oz. Bottle.
Manufacturer #BGD500
Enzym-d Lemon 4/1gal
4 Bottles per Case. 32-oz. Bottle.
Manufacturer #BGD1500
Liquid Alive Odor Dig Er|4/1gl
4 Bottles per Case.
Manufacturer #DYM33601
Liquid Alive Odor Dig Stant 12/32oz
12 Bottles per Case.
Manufacturer #DYM33632